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Hai, I'm Tiffany. I like horses, bands, books, & yeah. c: I follow back!
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Send me 2 bands and I’ll say which I like better.

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I’m glad that this is happening to you. I’m glad that you’re feeling what I felt. You made me hate myself and life. You made me scared to love and trust people again. Now you’re going through the same shit you put me through. And you try to come to me for help? Remember when i asked for yours? You said you didn’t have time for me. You’re nothing to me now. You’ve completely changed from the person I used to know. I’ve never hated anyone so much in my entire life. I’m finally happy with someone who means the world to me and loves me just as much as I love them. And you’re sure as hell ain’t gonna mess that up. So, fuck you.✌

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